10 factors to choose a clothes steam iron

choose a good steam iron

What is the key for you when it comes to choose the best clothes steam iron? Is that a reasonable budget or a reliable brand with a lot of positive feedback from the previous customer? In fact, there are several technical points that you should have in mind before taking your out of your pocket to purchase a clothes steam iron that expects to be your laundry company for years.

Clothes Steam Iron is now the most popular and economic iron on the market, you have thousands of thousands of options to choose from with a wide range of price along with the difference of the features and functionality. Hence, being known of what to look for before heading to buy a clothes steam iron is needed and we here to give some advice that helps you make the right decision.

1. Type of soleplate.

The soleplate is the metal plate underneath that is where the iron approaches the material of the fabric and should be a vital part of an iron that you need to know about.
There are several types of common soleplates:

  • Coated non-stick: Materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) like Teflon, anodized aluminum coating, silicone coating, enameled iron coating, etc., can be used for coating the soleplate that makes it become non-stick.
  • Stainless steel: They are also known as inox, is the most common type of soleplate for any kinds of iron. This type is durable and easy to clean. You can slide smoothly and spread hot evenly on the garment.
  • Ceramic: They are actually a ceramic coating than an entire soleplate. What the advantage is the tendency to eliminate static even at high heat, they are hard wearing surface, heat evenly. They are a good alternative for stainless steel with similar features.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the dull and gray metal that can bring a quick and evenly distributing heat on the garment, and thus help to remove wrinkle quickly. In fact, they are slightly cheaper than stainless-steel; but along with that, they are more likely to get sticky in certain difficult ironing, i.e., decals.
  • Titanium: Usually the soleplate is coated by titanium with alloy is aluminum or ceramic. It usually applies in premium product and comes with a lot of advantages like corrosion resistant, fast transfer of heat and shiny surface that good for cleaning. As being known, Titanium is also durable and lightweight.

3. Steam Holes

Choose a clothes steam iron
choose a clothes steam iron help your experience more comfortable

More holes bring more steam and evenly releasing on the fabric but also it can cause you some troubles when cleaning the iron surface. This factor is often ignoring but please don’t forget it when going to choose the best steam iron cause it can save your time and effort, and avoid water condense on the clothes.

4. Power

The higher electric power, the better the heat generated. A sufficient wattage for regular size iron is 1800 – 2200wt.

5. Design and Weight

A good steam iron would have an ergonomic design that is convenient to carry during the process. Looking for the size of the handle that fit with your hand size.
Depend on the material used to create the body of the device, it could be either plastic or metals that could make the difference in its weight.
Considering your ironing habit and your arm strength to choose from two types. The heavier steam iron can support an extra effect on pressing to removing the wrinkle but can be tiring to be used; meanwhile, the lighter one is better to hold and easy slide smoothly but require more repetition movement to help the job done.

6. Water Tank

A steam iron must equip a water department. The parameter is needed to produce steam for at least 30 minutes continuously without re-filling, looking for the one have around 300ml on regular size or 1.5L if it was a steam generator iron.
Ideally, the tank should be transparent or have water indicator so you can monitor the level of water before it’s going to drain. Furthermore, the tank should be detachable to make refilling easier.

7. Cord: length and retractable property

Apparently, the longer cord can help you moving flexibility around the ironing board, but it is possible to cause tangling if it is too long. Choose the one that contains a pivoting base or retractable property.
Another great option is cordless steam iron. However, it could come at a higher price.

8. The highlight feature of clothes steam iron.

+ Variable heat and fabric setting
+Burst of Steam
+Continuous steam output
+ Automatic Shut-off
+ Anti-Drip
+ Steam shot button

9. Some additional features to make a great iron

+ Vertical Steam
+ Misty Spray
+ Narrow Tip
+ Second row of Steam hole

10. Brand and warranty

Rowenta, Sharp or Phillip, Back, and Decker, etc. They are some of the reliable brands that you should consider.
Last but not least, don’t forget to notice the warranty of the product that ideally at least for 1-year to give you free maintaining during this period.


There are seems too much to hold for. Indeed, finding a good steam iron could never be easy. Day by day, there is a brand new line of product launching on the market with attractive features that even us struggle to name all.
The new technique, new design, and tremendous way of marketing are creating a matrix of choices that you can take only one.
Life is hard so be wise and conscious!

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