5 things to do on Valentine day for your wife rather than giving a gift

Flowers was now not romantic enough for Valentine day

Remember what you did the last Valentine? A box of chocolate and a bouquet of red rose!
Don’t be such cliche this time!
Show your love by actions is more meaningful than buying stuff which only requires money. There are a few things that you can do other than a gift box to make a valentine day be a perfect day, other than just a moment at your dinner.
Let back a tour of how her day started since being your life partner. How she takes care of you and family? How she handles a sequence of the household chores come to her slender hand. Now, it’s high time to have your hand involving in.

So what are the best things to do on valentine day?

Make a decent breakfast on Valentine morning

1. Prepare the breakfast

Get up earlier than her daily routine, choose her favorite flavor for a pleasant scent to put in air freshener. Lavender water would be a good choice, to freshen the morning vibes.

As this coming Valentine happens on Thursday, and both of you probably all have to go to work by 9, and so that timing is relatively tight. Don’t challenge yourself by a difficult recipe you found online and end up burning it. Take it easy by a standard breakfast, make the dishes that you have mastered, or at least try do several times before. Make it more exciting and memorable by your sincere and effort instead of overlaying and exaggerating by stuff that has no taste. You can decorate and color it by fruit, tomato or lettuce’s leaves. Let two glasses of champagne for dinner but a cup of her favorite tea, coffee or better juice or smoothies which is healthier and good for her skin.
Remember cleansing the table and washing the dishes, guy!

2. Ironing her outfit for work that day.

The problem is you have no idea what she is gonna wear that day yet. Let her make the decision first then gentle coming to offer your hand, be very patient at that moment but no staring or try to follow her. Just a subtle caring, meanwhile, making the bed or doing your own clothing.
Don’t know how to do the ironing yet? Let’s practice!
Small reminder: If you two have a date at night. No intention to touch or have the kindness to ironing her dress. As usual, women could change her choice at very last minutes; Secondarily, she could wish to remain a little secret to surprise you by how stunning her look would be.

3. Make the house sparkle clean before she gets home.

Reasonably, there is not much chance that you can manage to get home one or two hours earlier to clean it by yourself when your colleagues also have the same wish; possibly, your boss as well.

In that circumstance, considering to ask for a trustworthy cleaning service in your living area to giving you a hand to make a day spectacular. You know why? Let stand in her shoes for a while, imagine you are just going through a hard day at work and quickly lay your bed on the sofa, what the feeling you want to be infused? Softness, freshness and a slight scent of a pleasant fragrance, not the odor and the dust; so does her. This such positive experience can bring a positive impact on her mood until the end of the day.

In a brighter scenario, when you can finish your job and possible to spend a few hours in the afternoon. Don’t forget to decorate your house by some sweet and lovely items: some flowers, dearest note in the makeup table’s drawer, etc.

Most romantic thing to do in Valentine for a sweet couple

4. Set up a romantic bath

This would be your most favorite part, nothing better than experience relaxation and intimacy with your partner at a special chilling night. How to make it? just follow by heart these simple steps:

  • Make the bathroom clean: this is an essential rule, barely a person can found relaxing in a dirty place, so make it as sparkly clean as possible. You can try to organize all the stuff inside the bathroom as well to delight the space.
  • Items to prepare:
  • Bubble Bath Soap,
  • Bath soap,
  • Essential Oil (make sure you know well about her favor for scent): Lavender is named as a most popular choice.
  • Rose’s petals,
  • Large sponges or loofah.

Other things which also important in adding a romantic touch to have is:

  • Light candles (enough to illuminate the space without turn on the electric light).
  • A music playlist which both of you could enjoy or gentle melodies (make sure your music player device, or your phone was full of charge). And all the song have been downloaded for smooth streaming to avoid any interrupting)
  • A tray of a treat with champagne and set of fruits (strawberry and grape are really matched with the atmosphere)
  • Can not miss a handwritten invitation for guiding her to what is waiting for her in the bathroom.

Now, when you know for sure that she is on the way and will be home in 15 minutes, let arrange everything that you have prepared beforehand on the perfectly ready position. Drawing the bath not too soon, ideally 5 minutes earlier unless it can be getting cold and than add Bubble soap, bath salt, some drops of essential oil, rose’s petals respectively.

Light the candle, turn on the music, hand her in and don’t forget to lock the main door.
You can also offer some massages during this delightful time, women like it!

Light the candle, turn on the music, hand her in and don’t forget to lock the main door.
You can also offer some massages during this delightful time, women like it!

5. Be a man that she always loves

IroningChat and I have no permission for further involving after helping you make your romantic path. No more thing to do in this Valentine that can be suggested by an ousider, it is all about you and your loved one. You may have dinner together at a dining restaurant or curl up at home, watch an old movie that you two have seen plenty of times together without getting bored, or just talk and talk about all the silly stuff on this earth.
In fact, all the things I have mentioned was may just a craft if you do not have a will and heart to fulfill them. Whatever you do, be a man that she falls in love at the beginning and will be forever. Put your passion and your wish to make her happy in every move you make forward her.

Happy Valentine!

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