5 type of soleplate you need to know

Type of soleplate

When we look for a clothes iron, the type of the soleplate might be the first concern since this is the part contact directly with the garment, choosing the wrong one cause many bad results as well as damaging your clothes.

The soleplate is the metal plate underneath the appliances and should be a vital part of an iron that you need to know.
There are several types of common soleplates:

1. Non-Stick Coated

Like its name, they don’t stick on the material. Helps you glide smoothly and, even when using starch. The non-stick coated soleplate combines with strong wrinkle-removing steam performance will resist starch buildup for natural care. Affordable and practical, the non-stick plate is being applied in many budget line product to the best result of work and make the ironing more comfortable with the reasonable price.

2. Stainless steel

They are also known as an alloy of steel made up of at least 10.5% chromium and steel, or they can be called inox, is the most common type of soleplate for any kinds of iron. This type is corrosion, rust, scratch resistant and durable, easy to clean as well. You can slide smoothly and spread hot evenly on the garment.
But be aware as stainless steel soleplates may scratch over zippers, buttons, etc.

3. Ceramic

They are a ceramic coating than an entire soleplate. What the advantage is the tendency to eliminate static even at high heat, they are hard wearing surface, heat evenly. They are an excellent alternative for stainless steel with similar features.
The ceramic soleplate has been made of aluminum or plastic with ceramic coating and often being applied in a high-quality product.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum is the dull and gray metal that can bring a quick and evenly distributing heat on the garment, and thus help to remove wrinkle quickly. They are slightly cheaper than stainless-steel, but along with that, they are more likely to get sticky in certain tricky ironing, i.e., decals.

5. Titanium

Usually, the soleplate is coated by titanium with alloy is aluminum or ceramic. It usually applies in premium product and comes with a lot of advantages like corrosion resistant, fast transfer of heat, and shiny surface that good for cleaning. Titanium is also durable and lightweight.

6. Durathon

The best of the non-stock and ceramic soleplate worlds, Durathon soleplates consist of 2 layers of ceramic which covers with the Durathon non-stock coating, exclusive to Hamilton Beach. Ten times more durable than traditional non-stick irons backed by a 10-year limited soleplate warranty. It merely outperforms and outlasts most irons on the market.


I hope that you find it useful, you don’t have to learn by heart all of the information but it best for you to have in mind the idea about the type of soleplate you want your iron has.

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