5 amazing additional features of an iron that you often ignore

additional features of an iron

Generally, a good iron or steam iron will have a lot of significant advantage and feature but when you go to look for the best iron, don’t just solely focus on some essential property like soleplate, steam functions or handle designed. In fact, there are several additional features of iron that often being ignored. But they are what a great ironing machine should obtain as it can change and improve your ironing experience completely.

1. Anti-Drip

When your iron has the steam functions, it’s possible to occur water leakage from the steam vent during ironing time, or when you just finished the chore, the temperature start going low and stop generating steam. Also, it helps to prevent spitting if the iron has a steam burst function. The droplets can be very disturbing when it stains on the garment, or even dangerous when the hot water leaks and drops on your hand.

2. Anti-calc/ Anti-calcium filter

The property can prolong the life of the device since it helps to prevent minerals from building lint, mineral or limescale cultivate inside the water reservoir when the water is hot, and you don’t use ironing water, they could cause the risk of reducing steam output and uneven steam distribution.
Usually, The iron with an auto-clean property also brings a similar impact and support for lasting efficiency.
If you happened to purchase a product without Anti-calcium or Auto-Clean features, you could consider buying an anti-scale product.

3. Auto-shut off

The machine would automatically shut off when you let it not be used for a while. So it can save energy and becomes eco-friendly, also prevent scorching if the soleplate is still approaching directly to the garment surface.
But more importantly, if you have children or animal, this can give you the piece in mind from the fear of causing the accident for them by the hot iron when you are away.
So please, don’t miss this

Pivoting Cord

An iron with Pivoting Cord

4. Pivoting Cord

If you see a rubber or plastic section cover around one head (the head that next to the iron) of the wire in the ironing appliance, it might have pivoting cord feature.
What is that for? They support to keep the wire turn out of your way whether you are a leftie or rightie flexibly follow your move and avoid tangling that you sometimes find it annoying.

5. Vertical steam

You might don’t think that it’s necessary until it comes to ironing a curtain or a vast garment that must be hung on.
This feature allows you to steam vertically, offer a quick and convenient solution to remove wrinkles on some hanging items, they are perhaps either too big to set on on ironing board or being made from delicate fabrics.


These 5 features are just the extra point to make an excellent ironing appliance, but unfortunately, it often comes with a higher price.
If the budget is not such a problem for you, don’t hesitate to choose the one with these features of iron to turn your ironing experience get more comfortable.

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