8 factors help you choose a steam generator iron

Choose a good steam generator iron

You might already know about the excellent advantages of the Steam Generator Iron. But it doesn’t mean that all the Steam Generator Iron can perform well in real work as it has been advertised. Choosing the wrong one could make you waste a lot of money in return for a premium product that just functions as a regular iron.
So how to choose a good steam generator iron? and what is the critical factor in picking the perfect one for your home? Let’s find out!

First, what is Steam Generator Iron

Steam Generator Iron is the device that has a similar working manner with the regular steam iron. They have a water department, get heat and then release steam in high temperature on the garment and pressing simultaneously by its soleplate to remove wrinkles.
Unlike a standard iron, the structure of Steam Generator iron divides into two part separately. First is the base unit where a water reservoir and a boiler are set on one base to produce high-level steam of steam pressure in record time. The water parameter is much higher than a regular steam iron; around 1.5 – 2 liter (a regular steam iron has about 300 ml of its water parameter). Secondly, the hand unit is similar to a conventional dry iron and connecting with the base by a rubber hose to penetrate the steam to the soleplate.

Here is what we need to look for when choose a good Steam Generator Iron:

1. The power

For this type of Iron, it requires at least 2400 W to have a good result of work. The higher the wattage, the better its performance.
Specifically, the higher power can shorten the heating time and effectively create a substantial impact on flattening clothes.

2. Steam Power

This is the most essential feature to define a good steam generator iron as the energy of steam play a crucial role in accomplishing ironing efficiently. Ideally, the ample steam output should be over 250g/min. The lower can not give the best of what a steam generator inherently design for.
If you prefer smaller models that offer steam output is about 100 or 200g with the lower price; you can consider purchasing a conventional steam iron instead.

3. Steam Pressure

The steam pressure forms in the boiler, the higher the steam pressure, the higher the output power. Generally, when the steam pressure value is over 5 bar; you can freely beat the wrinkles in any type of material no matter how tough it is. According to the steam pressure, there are two types of Steam Generator Iron

  • Non-pressurized: The way it works is similar to conventional steam iron. The difference is it capable of producing a double amount of steam output. And they have a more substantial and separate water department equipped heating element.
  • Pressurized: Higher price compared to its counterpart. But the pressurized steam generator iron is the one that makes it fame and stands out from other types of unwrinkling appliance. The blast steam not only has a vast amount but also coming in higher pressure. This higher pressure can make a significant impact on quickly remove even the most stubborn crease with just a little effort.

4. Water tank

A steam generator iron is distinguished with others by having an external water tank along with a boiler to get quick heating. Its parameter is so much larger than the regular steam iron which can help ironing time last longer without refilling. As a sub-result, the product becomes more cumbersome and bulky because of this feature. Take into account this character of the water tank that suits the best for your need:

  • Large water parameter around 1.8 to 2 L: For more prolonged and unceasing ironing time.
  • Transparent or having water level indicator: To protect the device, it requires to avoid bursting the steam when the water in the reservoir run effete. So this is the features you should look for to help you specify the water level and refill on time.
  • Detachable or easy to refill: This feature makes the refilling process is more accessible.

5. Soleplate: Thin and tapered

The soleplate is the metal plate underneath that is where the iron approaches the material of the fabric. A thin and conical soleplate can help you contact every corner of the item; smoothly slide under the button or little twist.
There are several types of common soleplates such as stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum or titanium, you can learn further here. Actually, we find ceramic sole-plate or a combination of several metals is more common than others.
Besides, another property with the sole-plate of the best steam generator iron is the anti-adhesion surface; which makes it possible for any material to be ironed safely, without the risk of burning.

Consider having a soleplate guard: Apparently, you don’t want to purchase a whole new iron just because of a broken soleplate. Some brands produce the iron accessory along with their product, i.e.Rowenta.

6. Steam distributes Holes: 400 holes

Now a day, the best model usually obtain 400 holes soleplates. A higher number can make the steam and heat spreading evenly and continuously throughout the clothes. Moreover, those hoses should be distributed across the entire surface of the soleplate excluding in the back so the steam can approach larger area at single releasing.

7. Cord and Hose length

A longer cord and hose (the thing to connecting the base unit and the hand unit) can give you more maneuverability, moving flexible and feel comfortable to reach the distant corner of the garment’s surface.

8. Additional features

  • Vertical Steam: You can able iron hanging items or big garments such as drape or curtain which is hard to set on an ironing board
  • Anti-Dip: Controls dripping water from steam vents, so helps to prevent spilling and leaking.
  • Anti-Scale: A built-in anti-scale function automatically helps to prevent and remove limescale, saving you the money of buying any anti-scale products.
  • Auto-Shutoff: The device will automatically switch off if it’s not being used for a while.
  • Iron lock: This is the function to lock the iron with the base and thus make it easier and safer to carry.
  • Sefl clean: This can save your hands from wetting to clean the stain on the iron which can be difficult and time-costing.
  • Eco-friendly: The device equipped with this feature is designed to reduce the consumption of electricity and water.


To be a smart consumer, there are so many things to learn before you decided to purchase a product. Choose a steam generator iron is more complicated and expensive than the regular iron, let take in-depth consideration to make sure that you really need this product for your workload of ironing and then carefully review these 8 factors to bring home the best mate of your daily chore.

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