How to choose the best clothes steamer that suits your need

best clothes steamer

So you have decided to choose clothes steamer over an iron? Cause we all can see there are a lot of benefits and conveniences that a Clothes steamer can do to lessen your household workload, they are gentle and effective when eliminating wrinkle, remove odors and freshen the fabric in the way that much faster and more relaxed than iron can do without the risk of scorching or damage the material.

But before you take your money out of pocket, let together answer some questions below to review your condition, assure that a clothes steamer are the one for your need and to help you make a right decision.

Ask yourself to clarify your need and condition

+ Why do you need a clothes steamer?
Apparently, you want to remove wrinkle on your garment!
But an iron, a steam press can do the jobs as well. Perhaps, you have ironing like many of others, steaming is much like an alluring option, it easy to start and no required skillful hands.

+What do you have in your closet?
If most of them are the suit, collar shirt or similar work attire, I think you are probably going the wrong direction.
In opposite, your closet contains the type of clothes made from a variety of material (cotton, linen, viscose, etc.). As being known, clothes steamer would be more versatile than iron.

+Do you need this device for home or travel?
Regarding choosing the perfect size for your need. You can buy an original standing steamer which is middle-sized for using at home, or a compact size ( handheld steamer) to fit in your suitcase for travel

+How much you would like to spend?
Determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend would help you to shorten the list of choice, narrow down to several options. Then you can make the decision easier and save time.

+What kind of feature from a device that you expect the most?
We want to talk in deep about your working habit. Are you a type of person who prefers a portable tool? Lightweight to work with or you want a classic size model, a little bit heavy but bring the fullness of function. (Inventor usually cut down some part of the original design to make it smaller and compact. These part are mostly unessential, but they did have a role in the device in the first place. So the compact size model could contain some limit and drawback in a particular situation )

Let’s begin!

Now you can see things are clear and explicit, and definitely want clothes steamer. So What are the critical factors in selecting a good one when standing among thousands of choices in the market? Let together go through those several points.

1. Type of clothes steamer

There are two popular types of clothes steamer:

  • Commercial floor models used in large manufacturing plants and dry cleaner.
  • Mid-sized or standing steamers for small business such as tailor, seamstress or shop owner. Also can be used at home for big family.
  • Handheld mini steamer, which is being very favorite, either for household use or traveling.

2. Clothes steamer price

You can get a good Handheld Steamer for around 20$-30$ and 50$-60$ for a Standing steamer. Lower than this rate can get you the one with a short duration of use and maintaining issue later on

3. The water reservoir, heat-up time and steam time

To producing steam, clothes steamer must have a refillable water tank, they should be removable and have a transparent part. The more water it can contain, the longer steaming time you can get. But along with that, heat-up time could be longer but should not be over one minute accordingly.

+ Standing Clothes Steamer:

The perfect volume is around 1500ml – 1800ml that take approximately 1 minute to heat up and can stand for 1 hour steaming. If you need to ironing draperies, bed sheets or similar kind of big garment, you will see it truly a useful asset.

+ Handheld Clothes Steamer:

If you consider buying a travel handheld clothes steamer, you can choose the one that has a tiny water tank which is around 100 ml-150 ml. Because of that, you just able to steam one unit per time of water filling. This could be no problem if you just want a quick touch in one set of outfit when they take only 10 seconds to heat-up and then last around 8-10 minutes.

If you use Handheld Steamer at home, you’ve better choose the one have above 220ml of volume; and make sure it can be steam at least 2 – 3 units within 15 minutes. Otherwise, going back and forth to refill water could cost you a considerable amount of time and effort.

4. A Good Reach

+ If you choose Handheld Clothes Steamer, this will be a feature that you should take notice. The wire should be long enough to move comfortably along the reach of your arm. Or you can consider buying a cordless handheld steamer which is much more convenient; but you should aware of the higher rate it could be.

+ For Standing Steamer, a good reach is based on the length of the hose mix with the height of the pole. Try to test this by putting the highest level or at the point that fit your height; and then moves around within the radius of your arm’s length to see if it’s comfortable.

5. Automatic shut-off

This facility helps you protect your device and avoid a fire hazard by automatic turn off when the level of the water tank goes too low. It let you piece in mind if you happen to go out and forget to shut it down.

6. Attachment

What comes with the steamer box also need to take into account. Because they can help you improve your experience during steaming. The common add-ons include the fabric brush, lint remover, and crease clip.

7. The sturdiness of wheel and hanging pole

This consideration applies for standing garment steamer

Wheels: The one with 4 caster wheels is better than the two wheels model. They need to be moving smoothly and also able to weigh roughly 20 pounds.

Hanging Pole: Their height can be adjusted for at best three levels to fit with all size of the garment, easily control either extended or collapsed. They also need to stay sturdy when hanging 5-6 units at the same times.
There are three types of hanging pole:

  • 1-Pole Hanger
  • 1-Pole Rotating Hanger
  • Press hanger

8. Replacement part

Regularly, steam head, hose, and water tanks are some parts that can be replaced when it gets damaged sooner or later. Check if these part can be removable insert and whether it’s accessible to get a similar part to replace.

9. Warranty

Finally, only choose to buy a garment steamer when it comes with at least a 1-year warranty, support you to access free maintaining after purchase. Apparently, the brand provides longer warranty is more reliable whereas the supplier without providing a warranty term might make just a fraud.


All in all, it seems there is a lot of things you need to check to buy the best clothes steamer. The one that gets 7 over 10 points is good enough to consider if you have a low budget. Check our top 5 here.

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