Why should we choose Clothes Steamer over an Iron?

clothes steamer

If you are frustrated with doing the ironing, or you have never done this job before. Using a clothes steamer might be a good alternative because of its easy-to-use features. It works sufficiently and quickly removing wrinkles without the threat of getting burn on your clothes.

So what is a clothes steamer?

A Clothes steamer or garment steamer is a device used to remove wrinkles on the garment by release hot steam from a high-temperature water tank penetrate nozzle vapor and relaxing the fiber of the fabric to eliminate creases.

More and more, clothes steamer become a better choice for someone wishing an unwrinkle device. But they, like many people on earth, hate ironing but as much as they hate the naughty wrinkles clothes. So if you are still in a cloud of thinking where so many options are on the market right now, let see why you should and how to choose clothes steamer.

First, why should you choose clothes steamer?


As I mentioned earlier, using a steamer is easier, especially if you are a beginner. It takes less than a minutes to understand the whole process of how to use clothes steamer. Even if you make a mistake, there is no risk that the clothes will be damaged. The primary step is holding the steamer and moving it, stroking the steam against the item’s surface that is hanging on the stand. Only be careful not to let the steam go directly to your skin or your body. Because it is in high-temperature and can make you a slight burn.


A clothes steamer is apparently faster than clothes iron. It doesn’t require you to take time to prepare an iron surface and lay the clothes down properly to start the job. The clothes are hung up; meanwhile, the water tank takes around 15-30s to heat up and produce the steam.
One more reason make steamer go faster because you would not see a familiar drama that a person who uses iron meet. Unwrinkle the front but at the same time, make some crease on the back of the clothes or vice versa, ironing again and more time-consuming. Sad.

3. Fabric-friendly

Approaching by the steam only and without the need of touching fabric, a Clothes steamer can be used for almost typed of clothes and able to protect its quality after steaming, even with the delicate one such as silk or wools. You can adjust as a low-temperature heat ( around 80-100 degree) for the item you want to do gently, and if you accidentally fall asleep (most people can’t while standing); Don’t worry, no scorching marked on your lovely dress.

4. Not a picky lady

Can you imagine ironing a stone-studded evening gown for your party? If you can’t, don’t try it either. Hang it on, use a clothes steamer and steam it from inside of the dress, 5 minutes and go for a sparkling night.
They don’t require the items have to have a flat outer face to work on, and that’s why you are free to unwrinkle all the things you wish to do in your closet.
Besides, a good steamer also can work around the house, apply on soft furnishing such as sofa, armchair with plush material, beddings to help remove crease, mild odor, freshen the fabric and make it more hygienic.

5. Ergonomic models

Morden design of steamer brings comfortable and convenient for the user. There are two standard models of a clothes steamer; one is standing upright steamer which has mobility ability. It has 2-4 wheels under the base where the water tank sits and helps you easy to move it around the house. A long hose attack a nozzle penetrating the steam that very lightweight to carry and free to go around the items. They also have a pole with a clothing hanger at the top to hang the piece you want to de-wrinkle.
The second type is handheld steamer that is very favorite and popular; they are handy, compactable, either for household chore or travel, they all can be a good company.

Sound good, right?

So why we still produce irons if a steamer can do all the jobs? Why don’t we wipe all the stubborn iron on the market and replace them with the clothes steamer?

Oh! Because not all the people will suit a clothes steamer. There a certain kind of human needs iron for their wish of a neat look that they wish to have. However, if you can see yourself at some point below, you’re definitely a Steamer person.

+ You are just a beginner and you are lazy, but you want to look good with your perfect outfit.
+ Have a bunch of clothes to unwrinkle every time with many kinds of different fabric, and using an iron might take your tea time.
+ You don’t want your slender arm get a muscle look.
+ A common fashion shop owner, that one will do the job is your new sale assistant who perhaps never done anything labor work in life.
+ You read what I wrote and felt good with a steamer, no more reason.
If everything here was clear, you could continue to read more about how to use a steamer properly. Or find out top 5 best steamers on the market in 2019 by clicking in; if not, let us know what you think by commenting below this article.


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