8 features to consider to buy the best ironing board

best ironing board

Ironing is one of the essential chores in the house that we – a girl, a young lady, an old lady or a man either love it or hate it, yet have to face to that fate every single day. If you happen to buy an iron recently, you will soon learn that you need to buy the best ironing board to make the job done smoothly. Before you’re heading to Amazon, Walmart or just an appliance store nearby. Let take into account these 8 factors to help you make the right decision.


Review your needs and condition
All in all, you are buying an item for your using. Hence you must set in mind the picture of what you expect; spend a few minutes to identify the answer of these question to figure out clear.

– What type of iron you have?
A dry iron, a steam iron or a steam generator iron? This would make a big difference to choose a suitable ironing board and cover material. Especially, if you own a steam generator iron, the story is going a different way. They will require a specific kind of board that more supportive and functional for smooth work.

– How much space available in your house to set an ironing board?
Do you have a big room for it or just ample to fit in?

– Do you want its look match with your home interior?
If you have a keen eye for aesthetics and detail, you would want to see how the ironing board can match with surround furniture. For sure, you don’t want it to break the vibe and tone of the place that you have spent a lot of time, effort and money to design.

-What is your ironing habit?
+You want a large surface for convenience so you could free to iron big-size cloth such as a bed sheet or just sufficient length to fit your arms reach?
+Are you feel comfortable to bow your back why ironing, you prefer sitting, or you want to keep your back stand up? If so, considering an ironing pad instead.

1. Kind of Ironing board

There are three types of ironing board:

+ Freestanding Ironing Board: This is the most popular model. They are free to move around the home as they have a metal construction at the bottom that can adjust the height easily, possibly as low as you want to sit to do the job. It can be a significant advantage if you wish to catch up with what going on TV. Feel free to set up it in the living and enjoy the show during the ironing.
They also come as compact size: Like its name, they are a small, handy and perfect fit for a condo or a small house where storage is limited.

+Table-top ironing board: Their surface might be a similar shape to a freestanding ironing board but with a shorter leg; and most of the models don’t provide height adjustment property. They can be placed over the table, the counter or even in the bed. So they are mostly being used by students who live in the dorm. They are also smaller and portable; that in other hands, become a drawback since its smaller size can restrict you from placing the clothes correctly; and pressing the specific area such as sleeves or collar effectively.

Table-top ironing board
Table-top ironing board

+A wall built-in ironing board:They are the board that is fixed in one position and can be folded out from the wall, cabinet or closet. This type has become more popular because they offer convenient storage with a modern design. Usually, when it’s not in use, you can hide it easily into the wall, make the place neater.

Talk about disadvantages. Since they don’t have a leg under, hard pressing to make a crisp crease on some types of clothes might be troublesome. We shouldn’t put heavy items or a pile of units on its surface as well. Moreover, the wall built-in ironing board often being sold without cover and you have to buy it separately.

2. Stability and weight

While a lighter board can be portable and easy to stow away, it still needs to be in certain weight to be more stable and secure to accomplish all the ironing task sufficiently. Actually, the little bulky one can bring more efficiency.
With the ironing board that has under legs, it is necessary to check its frame construction that requires to be sturdy, and not possible to be buckled or slip over under pressure.

3. The dimension of the Surface Area

Regularly, the full-size ironing board can be ranged from 15×54 inches to 19×63 inches. However, some professional ironing board is design in a bigger size for a wide variety of skill, especially when it requires to ironing plus-size garment, curtain, bed sheet, etc.

4. Height and Adjustment ability

The height that perfect is at the hip level to protect your back and provide sufficient comfort. Accordingly, the ạdjustment ability is a must if you have more than one person doing iron in the house. Generally, you can adjust from 28 to 36 inches, keep in mind that the broader range of adjustable height, the better.

5. Ironing board cover

There are four elements we should care about is:

+ Material: It should be made from natural fiber such as linen or cotton. That won’t be able to melt and stick on the garment at the high heat like the one made from synthetic fiber.

+ Thickness: Apparently, it needs to be an adequate thickness for the best protection of the board and comfort for a hard pressing. You can add a cloth pad when you occur to buy a board that has the cover relatively thin.

+ Fastening method: It’s recommended to choose drawstring over a bungee fastening. Because it can keep the lid from moving better an elastic string and saving your time.

+ Look (color or pattern): There is a particular type of person who decides anything by its look, and it could be you. In that case, you can choose the one in your favorite color or detail; or perhaps the one could look nice and match with the tone of your house’s interior but notwithstanding. Don’t forget other factors that we mentioned, and remember that the look is just secondary element to take into account.

6. Add-ons

accessories equipped with an ironing board
accessories equipped with an ironing board

The product would be more alluring if there is more accessory to equip along an ironing board. The most desired items that can support a lot during the ironing can be listed below:

+ Iron rest: an inherent at the wide end of the board that extends the usable area for pressing and keeps the iron from tumbling off the board.

+ Hanging Rack: they are at least head high for hanging newly ironed clothes and being attached at the wide end.

+ Sleeve attachment: A small board – about 2 feet long and 6 to 8 inches wide. It is connected to the main board and is used for ironing sleeves and small articles of clothes.

+ Storage hook (organizer): keeps ironing board off the floor and all ironing tools together.
However, be aware that the more add-ons they provide can cause the price higher.

7. Ironing board Price

Ironing board price varies from 15$ for a compact ironing board to the most luxury one is 500$ for a Walt built-in ironing board. But reasonably, around 50$ to 100$, you can buy a good one that sufficient quality for smooth and long-term use.

8. Brand and Warranty

Select a brand that trustworthy and reliable are crucial.
Several well-known brands such as Brabantia, Ikea, Homz are being favorite among customers due to its fame for quality and long-lasting. You can visit their website or read some review about the brand that you interest to buy.

Last but not least, Warranty is what you always need to acquire when buying any appliances to have a free maintaining service and the minimum is a 1-year term. Brabantia ironing board offers you 10 year of guarantee, affirm that they strongly believe about the durable of their product.


There is a not an obligation to buy an ironing board to accomplish this chore, you may hear about some economic alternatives like using the tower or piece of clothes putting on a flat surface like a table. In some situation, it does work, but on the other hand, you can only use 70% of your iron’s capacity with plenty of restriction that you will learn later on by your own experience. But for professional work, as you have many clothes need to unwrinkle frequently, the ironing board is essential for your convenient and time-saving.

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