How to clean an iron in 8 simple ways

clean an soleplate's iron

Before asking you do you know how to clean an iron?
Let me ask do you think you have to clean your iron?
I think you probably don’t

A few years ago, I bought the very first steam iron of mine. As I work in the fashion industry, I used it almost every day before going to work just like a morning routine but never a second of my life think about cleaning it back then. And Bump!one day it stops working! So sudden! I think it was about a year of working.
The cause was Limescale. They had built a very thick and solid layer that blocks the steam pit.

At first, it pained me to learn that I could have prevented it from happening if I had cleaned and removed that limescale matter at least a once a month.
So Ladies! Don’t forget to take care of the cleanness of your iron, especially steam iron. It’s not only for lasting efficiency of your product but more important to prevent your clothes from staining any clumsy splotch that causes from your iron’s soleplate. And I show you how

But first, In what condition of your iron and how often we need to clean them?

It’s not a must to clean it after every time using but if you see any mark of sticky or oily from dust, fabric softeners or the melting of synthetic fibers onto the soleplate, wipe it right away before the soleplate gets heat again, and those marks would become highly glutinous.

Also, you should keep the routine of cleansing it for one or two times per month or even more depending on your ironing frequency because there are some harmful yet insight substances adhering on your appliance that you should remove it as soon as possible before they condense into an unstoppable thread such as (again) Limescale. Another purpose is to maintain a well-condition of the soleplate, be sparkle shine just like the beginning and help your ironing glides perform smooth and flow forever.

Let’s start

6 simple ways to clean your iron

1. Using toothpaste

  • The iron is unplugged, the soleplate is cooling down, empty your water tank.
  • Lather an adequate amount of non-gel toothpaste on the dirty area of the metal plate
  • Let it be around 2-3 mins
  • Wipe the paste by a piece of clean and soft cloth with gentle circular motions
  • Fill the water in the water tank and turn on the steam iron and set it in highest temperature to rinse all the toothpaste remain in steam vent or plate’s hole.

2. Sea Salt

  • Lay a piece of old cotton on the ironing board
  • Sprinkle the small-particle sea salt generously over it
  • Turn the iron at the maximum heating level
  • Then start ironing until all the burn go away

You can also combine Sea salt with vinegar for the more stubborn splotch or mineral following these steps:

  • Mixing an amount of vinegar with 3-4 tsp of sea salt then heating this mixture but in the small fire, sufficient to dissolve the salt yet not boiling it
  • Let it cooling down
  • Dip a piece of clean cloth into that salt vinegar and scrub the plate
  • Lay a clean or old towel that you know longer need on the ironing board
  • Turn on the iron, filling the tank and start to steam at the highest level
  • – Let the iron above the towel and let it stay for 5 minutes
  • The result is your super clean iron

3. Baking Soda and vinegar

  • The iron is unplugged, the soleplate is cooling down, empty your water tank.
  • Mix 2-3 tsp of Baking Soda with water to create a paste
  • Rub the Soda paste evenly on the dirty area of the plate then scrub it by a toothbrush or a clean sponge until all the dirt unstick
  • Polish the plate’s surface with a clean cloth
  • Again, start to launching the steam like NO.2

4. New Paper

  • Empty the water reservoir and turn the iron on at the highest temperature
  • Lay some piece of newspapers on top of a clean cloth or old tower that cover the ironing board.
  • Glide the iron throughout the newspapers until all the buildup wholly erased.

You can also scrunch up the newspaper and use it to scrub the iron surface when the plate is still hot, so please wear oven mitts to protect your hand.

5. White vinegar

  • The iron is unplugged, the soleplate is cooling down, empty your water tank.
  • Mixing the water and an equal amount of vinegar together
  • Dip a clean rag or sponge into that mixture then use it to wipe the dirties
  • Again, turn the steam like N0.2

For really stubborn stains, combine vinegar and baking soda as NO.3

6. Dryer Sheet

This could be the easiest way to clean your iron

  • Turn on your iron at the lowest heat level, empty the tank if it is a steam iron then heat up
  • Use a dryer sheet and lay it on top of a thick, folded towel wrapped over the edge of your ironing board.
  • Glide the iron all over the sheet until all the specks of dirt disappear.
  • Let the iron cool, rub the plate by a damp cloth or towel to altogether remove all the residue.

7. Dishwashing Detergent

  • Put 2 tbs of the detergent in a large container of warm water
  • Dip an old towel or cloth into the mixture and lay it in a plastic basin.
  • Put your iron on the wet towel and let it soak for a couple of hours. Wipe the metal plate with a sponge, gently scrubbing away the residues.

8. Iron-cleaning products

When all the method above are inefficient as the splotch are highly stubborn, it could be the mess or decals that melts from the fabric. The final solution, follow the instruction on the package to have the best result.


Another case that you need to clean your steam iron is when it has been left unused for a long time, and its water reservoir still remained a little water. Over time, it can create an unpleasant odor that you don’t want to have in your clothes at all.

To eliminate it:

  • Spill all the remain water out of the reservoir
  • Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and distilled water then use that mixture to fill the tank.
  • Set the iron on the highest temperature and when it is ready to push the steam button until the reservoir is empty.

Okay, I hope that it’s enough for your idea on how to clean an iron, doesn’t hard like what we think at first, right?

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