How to use an iron safely? Ironing Safety rules

Ironing Safety

Working with ironing appliances meaning you have to work with a high-temperature condition that can hurt you and damage your clothes anytime. Understanding and applying Safety precautions while using Clothes Iron or Steamer is necessary, and avoid accidental burns or injuries. So how to use an iron safely? Let see!

1. DO NOT let your kid and pet around

Kids are hyperactive and always try to touch something new or make their mind interested. So a hot clothes iron or steamer, and also the cords should never be in the kid’s approaching ability at all.
If they are playing in the same room anyhow, it better to iron on the ironing board that can be higher than their reach, not on the floor or bed. And if you leave your position while ironing, even just one minute to pick up the phone, don’t forget to unplug the device as a first ironing safety rule.

Ironing Safety-don't forget to unplug your device
Ironing Safety-don’t forget to unplug your device

2. Electricity Safety

Clothes irons or steamer consume a lot of power from the circuit to create high-temperature for their assembly.
To use an iron safely, think twice if you want to operate any other high-wattage device on the same circuit with iron. Because you can make the circuit overloaded and in the worst case, it can explode.
If you use an extension cord, make sure that it’s rated for the same, or higher, amperage as the iron.
Before plugging it in or out of an outlet, don’t forget to turn off or put it in the lowest setting.

3.Cord Safety

A long cord can become a trip hazard so that you should place it where no one is going to pass by.
Pay attention to the cord condition. If they are damaged, you should not use the device until the problem is fixed. Otherwise, you can get a high chance of an electric shock. Keep the cord away from hot surfaces at all time. Never yank on the cord to unplug an iron; always grasp the plug and pull it out.
You can consider buying a cordless iron to get rid of this issue. Or at least, the cord should be insulated and retractable. which is certainly convenient, but also reduces the chance of yourself (or a child or pet) tripping on or getting tangled in the cord.

4. Proper Use

We all know the trick of ironing without an ironing board. However, it’s recommended to iron properly on an ironing board that originally made from flame-retardant material. The floor, bed or any similar surface won’t give you a safe place to rest the iron.
In even the most urgent, you should not attempt to iron or stream fabrics when the garment is being worn.
To use an iron safely, think carefully if you tend to use the iron devices for any other purpose.

5. Water

If you have a clothes steamer or steam iron, bear in mind that water meet electricity would create an electric shock. Make sure that you unplug the iron from the outlet before filling the water tank of the device. Be careful when turning a filled iron upside-down, as hot water may still be in the reservoir.

6. Automatic Safety Features.

There was plenty of accident burn associated with hot irons nowadays, and this is why we have a couple of ironing safety features adding to the new model of ironing devices.
+Anti-drip: For steam iron or clothes steamer, this feature helps to stop water from flowing once the iron drops below a certain temperature and stop hot water from spewing out of the soleplate when the iron is cooling down.
+Auto-shut off: forces it to turn itself off after a set amount of time. Irons with automatic shut-offs are ideal if you have young children around.


What do you think? is that make you afraid of ironing?
Well, we still need to make our clothes look neat and tidy, so keep these things in mind and you will never get burnt.

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