Use Clothes steamer? How to make it work efficiently

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Hello, me and Clothes Steamer stuff again!
I shouldn’t have written about how to use clothes steamer because it was super easy to use. That what I supposed until there was a sale assistant at the store I work in cannot remove a single crease on a dress trouser while standing for 30 mins. The problem is not the steamer, cause I took 3 mins after that. The problem is there will be some wrinkles are more stubborn than the others. You need to know all the tips to make sure your item is completely neat and tidy as well as able to take 100% advantage of the device you purchased.

1. Before steaming: Preset your clothes steamer

  • Check the washing label of the items: Make sure it can be steam and in which level of temperature is appropriate. Clothes steamer can work with most types of fabric. But there are still some exceptions that can not unwrinkle either steamer or iron. Such as leather or suede, items that make from plastic and can be melt if they get the hot steam.
  • Check the water-tank: We need water to heat up and produce steam. Take a look at the base first and check the level of water. Fill in if the level is too low. You don’t want to wait for 5 mins and see no steam releasing (I was like that) or have to refill water during the process.
  • Hang the clothes on:
    If you use an upright stand steamer, there is a hanging pole attached. You can hang up to 5 items on it and do not over, it gets heavier and will be broken soon.


If you use a handheld steamer. Hang the clothes in an ample hight that are either comfortable for you to move and reach up to the collar. Or not so low that will cause your back pain. You should have a table or a bar nearby so you can put the steamer for a second when your hand is tired after holding and steaming a few pieces for an amount of time. Then it would be better to have a water container with at least one liter available. Ready for you to refuel the steamer as the parameter of a mini-size steamer’s tank is relatively small.

Remember to button up and zip up all the shirt, use a hanger with the clips to hang trousers to make it completely straight. You should take noticeĀ of a pleated trouser. Find the sharp pleats on the legs and let both legs together, pleat to pleat. Extend the clips right up to the crease line and clip it to the inside of both legs; by this way, you can maintain the pleat, and the weight of the trouser also pull out some slight wrinkles.

2. Steaming

Plug in, turn the steamer on.

Some mini steamer takes only 15 seconds to heat on while the bigger one might carry around one or two minutes depending on the volume of the water tank. Don’t be hustle! Let the steamer heat up all the way and the hot vapor release evenly and consistently then we will start the job.
Steaming your clothes by running the steamer in downward strokes along the fabric as most of the clothes steamers are smoother in the vertical direction. You don’t have to press against but instead, let the steam gently eliminating all the hateful wrinkles.

Meanwhile, please mind the steamer’s hose (for the Upright stand steamer), it should not be in a horizontal position or formed in U shape, that might cause the condensation in it can not flow back to the water tank and make the head of the steamer drip water.

How to use clothes steamer in certain tough situation.

  • With extremely wrinkle, we use the other hand and holding at the bottom of your items. Stretch it slightly toward you (this step is easier if the units are all button up or zip up as I mentioned earlier). We start to steam from the inside; the weight of the fabric against the steam will help to unwrinkle more quickly.
  • The garment embellishes with pleats, ruffle, etc. Keep the steamer at the distance of 1-2 inches from its surface to maintain the original shape of the clothes.
  • To embellishment such as pleat, stone, sequin, etc. It’s better to steaming from the inside or turns the garment inside out to de-wrinkle. It helps to protect those details and avoid water drops to condense on them as they are not fabric fiber. So that they might have the ability to cool the vapor and turn it into water droplets.
Upright garment steamer-most being used in the fashion store
Upright garment steamer-most being used in the fashion store

3. After Steaming

Let your garment stay hung for around 5 mins after the fresh steaming to be completely dry. Since it might be damp and has some water drop on the fabric after absorbing hot aqueous vapor; this is a very usual situation so don’t be afraid. After 5 mins, your clothes are ready to be stored in your closet; however, if you’re in the hustle for an event, just put it on. And the clothes would dry so quickly on the way :))

Ok, I hope it clear to you for how to use a clothes steamer efficiently, you will find it just easy like a piece of cake very soon and master the jobs. Let me know if you have any inquiries or if you have some better tips to do the steaming, my reader and I would be more than happy to know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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