Hate ironing? Let prevent wrinkles during laundry time

Prevent wrinkles

Frankly, you don’t want to have a single thought about ironing at all and the obnoxious wrinkles, even when you can eliminate it by other alternatives? The best way is to prevent them before those wrinkles make its shape.

And that is during laundry time.

There are a few things that you can to turn your nightmare about spending a whole Sunday afternoon for ironing your bunch of new laundry clothes.

1. Putting in a smaller load of clothes into the washing machine

Cause they need space just like a human does
Being in the washing machine and spinning around for nearly hours; stuffing altogether without any extra room to move comfortably can be not a good experience for each piece. And it apparently would make them clumped and wrinkled, also less clean than desired.

2. Sorting out the type of clothes that have similar thickness or material

You easily found this reasonable, right?
Because it really is!
For each time you wash your clothes, it better to separate the fabric types to several turns instead of putting all the dirty clothes at once. For example, we can put heavy items like trousers, denim skirts or a heavy jacket together, and apart from silk blouse, soft-linen shirt, light-weight dress.
This also can help you choose the correct washing setting and let the washer showing its best performance.

Additionally, if you have enough passion and patient dedicating to your garments, you should also separate the pile of clothes by color, white and light color together and darker piece such as navy blue and black can wash later in another time. Not all of the random color dying or blending could make you a new perfect piece.

3. Using fabric Softener or Dryer sheet

It may be the most common and convenient method that people use to helps reduce wrinkles and for most of you, we sure that you know well how to do it. As its name, they help to soften the fabric, reduce wrinkles, and add a slight scent on your clothes.

But we are NOT RECOMMEND you to choose this, but we still mention here in this article because it does help you prevent wrinkles in your clothes.
Despite some obvious benefit, there is some hidden truth about this thing that not anyone would tell you. The fabric softener is likely to harm your skin and the clothes longevity. They can not be rinsed completely buy water and that why the scent can last for several days but at the same time, there was a waxy matter coating the fibers.

After many time using, the matter has been building up its thickness and cleaning it becomes more difficult. It also affects the fabric quality and absorbent, especially bad for sleepwear and sportswear. It will probably harm your skin by approach this chemical substance more often.

4. Putting some ice cubes in the dryer

This is very easy!
Heading to your fridges and take some ice cubes. Then put this into your clothes before they go into the dryer.
The ice dissolves in the heat of the dryer and is turned into steam, doing the same job your iron otherwise would.
Another way, you could also use a damp sock or lightly spray your clothes with water.

5. The way to unload your clothes

Gently unload and straighten out piece by piece of clothes of the washing machine or the dryer, from the closest and smallest to the door.
Then place them on the hanger instantly or roll it up to put into their drawer but not pack it too tight. Avoiding throwing them into the basket and let them stay for a while. Perhaps, to wait until you feel ready (No, you would never feel ready). But during this time, several clumsy wrinkles can be created.

Hang your clothes right away to prevent wrinkle shaped
Hang your clothes right away to prevent wrinkle shaped. Source: Unplash

6. Washing Machine that has an Anti-wrinkles property

In 2019, there was always a machine can rid of your worry. Some famous company like Samsung, LG, or Panasonic have improved their product by adding the anti-crease function.
If you are planning to buy a new washing machine in the future, don’t forget to update to choose the one that has this prevent wrinkles function and make sure it easy to use.
Actually, once you press the button to turn on this function, it can add more time of intermittent tumbling at the end of the selected cycle to reduce wrinkles.


Is that easy just like playing your finger, and you can add these trick into your laundry habit that cannot miss every time you wash your clothes to forever say No to ironing.
Or you can check out some tricks to remove wrinkle without ironing here

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