A Loving note for someone who love ironing

love ironing

Dear Ironing Lovers!

I am in the tendency to writing something romantic as today is Valentine day but finding my words being hold amoung of some grave concerns.
Well, perhaps we all know what ironing is and how to do the jobs; but why there is love ironing and hate ironing with a passion for such a thing that literally a chore.

With a wandering mind, I googled about this topic. A lot of people were talking their feeling about ironing, more hatred over love that somehow, Ironing Lovers assume themselves a weirdo. No, you are not.

Is ironing simply a household chore?

No, it’s more than that. Ironing is a process that can create an indescribable yet extreme feeling. It is real and specific. You either feel dramatically annoying, so uneasy, unbearable or feel safe and peace. By repeatedly doing a sequence of the same action. When you are gradually engaged, you are making a private and sacred space around you like a therapist applying cognitive behavior therapy.

Each individual makes a particular reaction to this therapy. It’s understandable for someone who finds so uneasy during the process. But for us – Ironing Lovers, we get relaxed.

To me, I found it a very personal and intimated moment that I can offer for my self-esteem. At that moment, I am seeking for stillness to organize all my thought, to see everything distinct and then help me with my problem-solving, simplify my complicated mind. With some others, it is the moment when your brain entirely rested without thinking anything, a hollow of a hustle life that can bring you peace.

Sorry, did I talk something vague about love for ironing?
Let me back to the ground.
What the other point yet more specific that makes the ironing is so relaxing?

1. Love the touch and its smell of new-washed garment warming up

They are so comfy and refreshing. When we put our hands on we can immediately find the warmness and softness.

2. Happy to see a great outcome

As we care about detail and take pride in what we do; we love to look at the result of the perfect neat clothes after spending the time of labor.
This way also save your garment and make it last longer by avoiding the absorption of harmful chemicals like Perclorethylene on your clothes that possibly being applied at laundry service store.
You’re also saving the environment by doing it on your own, don’t you know that! It’s awesome.

3. A gentle exercise by simple moves

It’s always a challenge to start to work out; but in the purpose of ironing, we are naturally stand up and do some exercise after long hours sitting in the office.

Love ironing - get some creative idea while ironing
Get some creative idea while ironing
4. A creativity booster

Like I set earlier, Ironing creates a stillness vibe so any idea can come out smoothly and freely without your notice. Prepare a pen and a note for big thing happen.

5. You are an active person but have free hands when watching TV

Some cannot stand it and heading to the kitchen to take popcorn to enjoy the show. It’s not just about eating something, but more than that is to doing something. To avoiding the unhealthy habit, we can set up an ironing board and do the easy task while catching up on what the news on TV. We all know how good it is?


So am I the only one who feels ironing is so enjoying and an effective unstress method? or is that weird to love ironing?
Admittedly, I don’t think so!
Ever heard about Ironing Therapy, it existed. We have a community and getting more prominent along with the developing of ironing technology to make our experience more enjoyable.

Love you all!

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