Hate Ironing? A loving letter for someone who hates ironing

hate irong

Dear Ironing Hater!
In the earlier chat, I had admitted that I myself loved ironing so I can not pretend here that hate ironing and be one of you to have your sympathy. I am writing this to the other side just to say that it’s ok for you guys to feel that way. And honestly, you are not my enemy.

Indeed, Ironing is a chore that people, if they do know about, either love it or hates it, rarely in between. I probably can’t fathom the reason under this hatred for Ironing. To me, it is a relaxing practice or an active meditation like an alien of mine used to say.

Ironing is so boring and repetitive

In the opposite side which is your side, ironing is tedious and over repetitive. The task requires us to stand for an hour, holding a metal assembly then moving it back and forth perpetually. All effort is putting on removing some tiny creases that maybe no one even bothers to notice. By the minute of 15th, we start to murmur all the negative thoughts. Until the minutes of 45th, you decide to abandon the last shirt unwrinkle since we can not stand it any longer.

People who hate ironing have make all the way to avoid this chore

In fact, I do know what people willing to do to avoid touching their finger on an iron box or even with a steamer which is more friendly.

There is Alice, who takes pride in her appearance. She is so hard-working as a cashier and runs an extra business online to afford an ironing service in laundry store twice per week.

There is Tom, who has a washing machine with dryer function that would take totally 5 hours to wash and make his clothes dry entirely. Then he would come to seek and put on a Cotton Tshirt right a way to feel its warmness. I love that warmness on fabric too, but it needs to be after ironing. While he had just ironing once in his life and never want to hear about that again. So he decided to blinds himself from wrinkles and considered them as a natural asset of fabric.

We are looking for new era of wrinkle-free fabric

There is Hannah, my close friend. She is sweet and good-looking, lives alone with her cat and never in her life owning an iron. She wears kitten- all over print pajama at home. For work or other outside activities, Crepe shirt and a pair of jeans come to her choice most of the time. She has a dozen Crepe top or dress, as she explained they were wrinkle-free fabric. Her new love is Tencel, and she told me about a new type of cotton fabric that they were cultivating its weaving and dyeing technique to make the material resisting crease. I mean she was really serious in a life of No-Iron.

More and more, the ironing hater finds their way. Go beyond all barriers to get their mind in peace from that household chore. There are hundreds of article on the internet talking about how to unwrinkle clothing without doing iron. And amazingly, they got such great attention. Human intelligence is unlimited, and I admire that.

We hate ironing and just want to burn it all
We hate ironing and just want to burn it all

But the rest are not that lucky…

But there still people who hate ironing so much, but unfortunately, have to spin their life with what they hate. And that is where modern technology takes the movement by inventing better products to improve our experience in ironing.

Nowadays, you can choose to do steaming or pressing over ironing to flatten your clothes. In better prospects, a new era of automatic technology is being created, help you to unwrinkle your clothes without a real touch. Along with that is the develop of Wrinkles-resistant fabric fiber that you can look for. The modern world is transforming toward your convenience, and the process is still going on. If you still hate ironing by then, just grab a wrinkle-free items.

Honestly, I don’t have the tendency to console or lessen your hatred. But you have the right to see it in the bright sign. That there are solutions to change what makes you feel so uncomfortable about ironing. Perhaps, the chore still exists and could last for the next couple of decades, as long as human still need clothes to cover their body and be a part of the strike to enhance their value from both in and outside, start by a neat and tidy appearance.
Finally, let me be a cliche that Dear! Everything is gonna be fine!

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