How to make your clothes smell good after ironing?

make your clothes smell good

You hate ironing but have to do it no matter what!
Why don’t we make your ironing experience more comfortable and exciting by some drops of Lavender or Lemongrass oils? To be clear, we are going to apply aromatherapy into your annoying ironing process and turn it into an enjoyable time of the day. On top of that make your clothes smell perfectly good with the fragrance you love.

Let’s start!

I would not recommend you to put some drops of essential oil directly into the water compartment of your ironing device if it was a steam iron. Steamer or steam generator iron even that way seems faster and can be work somehow. Because the natural oils are not water soluble, they can leave some residue in and harm your iron box; If you want the life of the iron last longer, won’t do that.
A better implement is creating a mix of scent ironing water and pray it on the clothes before ironing by a plant mister, or a spray bottle.

How to make Scent ironing water/ or Linen Water

1.We fill the container by distilled or purified water

2.Put 1-2 drops ( if you iron 1 or 2 items, can add up with a more significant number of clothes ) of the essential oils that you love such as Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, etc. We also can consider mixing some oils together to make a special combination which is unique and particular for your clothing. There are some suggestions below:

  • Fresh: Lavender Bergamot, Rosemary Pettigraine
  • Floral: Geranium Neroli, Palma Rosa Bois de Rose
  • Romantic: Ylang-Ylang Jasmine, Rose Vervain
  • Boot-energy: Mint-Citrus, Cinamon
Using essential oil to make your clothes smell good naturally
Using essential oil to make your clothes smell good naturally

You can read what they talk about essential oil and how they blend the oils together to make a perfect fragrance here

3. Mixing them by stirring or shaking vigorously then put them in the fridge for a few minutes.

When the mix is ready, we spray it throughout the garment evenly and start ironing or steaming.
Another way is damming a piece of linen cloth by that scent water. Then you place it between the iron and the garment you wish to unwrinkle. You can apply this method while ironing for beddings drapes, pillow cover or other soft furnishings; as well as you want them to have a light scent of nature.

The benefits of using linen water into ironing

The benefit of add linen water into ironing is enormous. It is not merely adding a good smell into your clothes but more than that improving your experience with this household chore. As you know, the scent is a mood-booster that help you feel much better and more relaxed during ironing.
Moreover, with the origin of nature and anti-oxidant ingredient, the fabric would be healthier and last longer.

Some essential oils have been using to make insect and peasants repellant like citronella, clove or peppermint; some also have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Chose the right one can also bring you a lot of health benefits. For example, Hyssop or peppermint to relieve a cough. Eucalyptus Rosemary or Pine for seasonal depression of winter colds. And using Chamomile or Marjoram if you have insomnia. You could choose them to apply on your bedding cover to protect and improve your sleeping. Ultimately, it would help to enhance your living condition.

Other ways to apply linen water to make your clothes smell good

The way to utilize Linen water is not only during ironing but also in many other ways around your home. Pray into your bedroom, your pillow and then open your room window on a sunny day; it would be a perfect blending.

A favorite method of aromatherapy to apply to your clothing to make a good smell; for someone who swears to god that they would never do iron at all, is using a cotton ball. Drip 2-3 drops of chosen essential oil into the cotton ball and put them in the closet or drawer to remove moth feeling, odor; and prevent bacterial cultivating in such a closed environment as well. We can also add essential oils to infuse clothes during the laundry process. Add some drops in a small piece of fabric and together with your garment, put them through the tumble dryer or directly. Add them in the softener compartment of your washing machine.

Once again, a thing that you should bear in mind that it’s prohibited from using oils directly in your clothes, soft furnishing and in the iron box. Otherwise, you would have some stain remain after this aromatherapy and damaged your possessions.


I’m in love with adding aromatherapy during my ironing, and I am convinced that it was the best way to infuse your clothing with natural scent. The fragrance is not overpowering like the smell of perfume, they just linger around your body for the whole day and bring a positive effect for your vibes. Let try this next time, see how it work and if it’s possible, we would love to know your new ironing experience in the comment section below. See ya!

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