8 devices that help you remove wrinkles on your clothes

remove wrinlkes on your clothes

It was decades ago when you just have the only option when looking for a device┬áto remove wrinkles on your clothes for your home. A dry iron or Iron box with heavy metal soleplate was now an old story. Still, they’re still be produced it currently but with many innovations and variety of advanced models. Along with other inventions that make the world a better place or exactly, make ironing an easier chore.

Let take a look to other option that you consider when it comes to buying an ironing machine in this 2019.

1. Dry Iron

ROWENTA iron is well-know product
ROWENTA iron is well-know product

The first one being named is the most classical one and use to be the only option back to 5 or 6 years ago. They merely use heat and pressing effort to its soleplate that directly approaches the material to remove wrinkle on your clothes.
In fact, Dry Iron is dominating gradually by Steam iron and having fewer models to choose from nowadays. They are heavier, less versatile than a clothes steamer and ironically more expensive than Steam iron; however, in some projects, they are still irreplaceable. They are best at making a shaped-crisp on the collar or pleats on the trousers and work well on delicate material such as silk.

2. Steam Iron

Steam iron is more popular since they are cheap and multifunctional
Steam iron is more popular since they are cheap and multifunctional

Like Dry iron, they are iron with a similar form of design but with Steam function. Adding a water department and the hole systems for steam releasing on the soleplate. So you can either use it as Ironing or Steaming when you wish to. Some models are even designed to work on the vertical side which means you don’t need an ironing board.
The steam iron is now becomings more popular by variation of choices on the market at a reasonable price.
However, regarding its multifunction that is its hallmark, you may find it complicated for switching between two functions. Furthermore, you need to be more careful because the holes on the soleplate can let some marks and damaged some certain types of fabric. Reading product information and usage instruction carefully when you choose to buy this type of model.

3. Clothes Steamer

A clothes steamer is easier and faster way to remove your clothes

They are the best option for someone who always hates ironing. A clothes steamer is easy to use, quick starter and versatile. Like its name, their assembly is the steaming system, heating water on the high temperature to produce steam and releasing it through the steam head on the garment without touching them directly; avoiding the risk of scorching and damage while removing wrinkles on your clothes.
Most clothes steamer work on the vertical side and no required of an ironing board, some expensive models can also work on the horizontal side. There are two common types of clothes steamer is Standing Clothes Steamer (full-size) and Handheld Clothes Steamer (travel size).

4. Steam Generator Iron

Steam Generator Iron with great water department and boiler to remove wrinkle for hour
Steam Generator Iron with great water department and boiler

They are an innovation from the steam iron, they are attached with a larger tank with a boiler that quickly heats up and produces steam. Their capacity is robust that can do ironing for multilayer of garments at once or even the most stubborn crease on your shirt within a few seconds with less effort than using conventional iron.
In fact, A Steam Generator Iron is best for whom that have to deal with a big load of clothes to iron every day at home. You can quickly unwrinkle a couple of bed sheets or big garment at once when you layer it together. Accordingly, they are more expensive and bulky to store due to the big water tank. So if you think about making a purchased for this type, please considering your condition and your need carefully, or else choosing a steam iron can be good enough.

5. Steam Presser

So after ironing and steaming, humankind is heading to the act of pressing to cope with naughty wrinkles clothes. And it does the job, A Steam Presser is a combination of an Iron and Ironing board. So even it’s more expensive and more cumbersome, it still can save your space and money just as much as an ironing board may take. Moreover, there is no much labor to done ironing like moving the device back and forth as usual. What you need to do is lay your items correctly and let the machine pressing by itself.

You are able to unwrinkle a lot of units effortlessly and don’t have to refill the water since their water parameter is vast (up to 10 oz). Except for silk or similar material, they are safe for most types of clothes. They equipped with many safety features like automatic turn off or other alerts to notify you about the temperature and item’s status.
What its drawback is that it’s hard to control the items by detail while the machine is pressing, you can not unwrinkle a specific crease on your skirt without flattening whole pieces. One more thing is they are heavy and require a sturdy stand to keep them stable and work effectively.
Conclusively, a Steam Presser is the choice for a professional ironing device.

6. Automatic Ironing

This is good news for someone hate ironing, now you can automaticaly remove wrinkle on your clothes with a little touch. The whole of the ironing process becomes automatic is sound alluring and fantastic. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to touch your finger on your clothes. In fact, you have to place your shirt correctly follow the instruction to make the job done accordingly. Like A steam press, they apply on all the part of the garment at the one go and flatten every corner of your shirt. But the sad news is they only work with top items, mostly for shirt and blouse.
There are a lot of things to innovate this product to adapt to general demand. Unless you are owning a tailor boutique or so, this is hard to be considered for your daily chore at home.

7. Foldimate

Flattening and folding at the same time sound perfect for an appliance. A Foldimate is built on robotic technology and automatically do the wrapping and ironing your pile of clothes after laundry. They are big machine similar to your washing machine, and its price is not really affordable.

8. Effie

Another automatic machine if Effie. As advertised, they can dry and iron a load of clothes simultaneously with little need of time and effort. Effie is a promising production of the future, the team is testing it, and we hope to have it soon on the market by the end of 2019.
If you are interested, you can visit their website to track up their process here

Conclusion: Time to remove wrinkles on your clothes

It has never been easy when life comes with so many choices. And then we have to make the right decision, cause it takes effort, time and money. So what you should do now is go around your house, or you might want to stand in front of your closet or your laundry corner. In a nutshell, anywhere and any way that could make your mind clear about:

  • How necessary to have an Iron?
  • What type of clothes or material in your house that needs to iron?
  • Which features that you expect in a unwrinkle device the most?
  • How much would you like to spend?

And then again review what we have discussed earlier to see what the most suitable items to bring home this 2019.
If you want to go back and have a classical iron, no problems. We have a post last week to talk about Dry iron and what the best choice right now on the market.

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