6 ways to remove wrinkles without ironing.

Hate ironing

Ironing is such a real bore and tedious and if you hate it but as much as you hate to wear wrinkled clothes and have a kempt look, I bet that you would love to know that there are several ways to remove wrinkles and have neat and nice clothes without ironing.
But we are not gonna talk about using other alternatives of the iron such as using a hot pot creating heat, and still, you have to make a pressing force from your hand, and actually, they are boring the same and cost more time with less efficiency.
So I will share with you some ways which are more practical, convenient with less of labor and thus you have more time to do what you love.

1. Shower Method

This could be the easiest way.
All you need to hang the clothes in the corner of your bathroom where it can not get wet.
Turn your hot shower and enjoy it as long as you want, but not too short less than 10 minutes.
At the same time, the clothes have been de-wrinkling by the steam come from the hot water.
When it’s finished, remember to bring it out and place where they have sunny or windy to dry the clothes completely.

2. Hair Dryer

– Hang your clothes on
– Damn your clothes by flick some drops of water or using a spray bottle
– Holding from the bottom of the item tautly
– Turn on the hairdryer at the highest level and start to smooth down evenly at where the wrinkle is.
You can combine this trick after putting the clothes in the shower if they are extreme wrinkle and to dry the clothes as well.
This can work well with some delicate material and design such as dress and skirt.

3. Flat Iron

So it not for your hair alone, how cool is this
This trick works genius in creating a crisp line on the shirt’s collar or blouse, and you can even use while you are wearing it.

– So first, you need to check the plate of the flat iron to make sure that it’s entirely clean and have no residue of hair product (if you plan to straighten your hair at the same time, do it after iron your clothes). Its purpose is to protect your clothes from getting any unwanted stain or oily splotch.

– Choose the level of heat setting (if that is available on your flat iron) to suit with the fabric of the garment, low setting for silk or viscose and high setting for cotton or thick material. In case you are not so sure about it, just let it in the low heat for safety. You can raise the temperature if you see the current setting is inefficient.

– When the flat iron is ready to go, smooth over the wrinkle area on your items and simultaneously to hold taut at one side to make an extra force in flattening those wrinkles. Your clothes can either be hung on or already put on your body. And that why it’s best to use the flat iron to ironing top iron such as shirt or blazer.
After a few minutes, you are ready to go to work

4. Vinegar

I have to say that Vinegar is such magic. It makes your salad taste just perfect, and at the same time, it can be the washing detergent, helps in laundry and now is an ironing mate.
And this is how to do it:
– Mix 1 part of white vinegar with 3 parts of water
– Prepare a clean spray bottle and fill it with the mixture. Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients.
– Squirt the vinegar mixture on to the wrinkle area, meanwhile stretching that area by holding it tightly and pulling it forward. And finally, moisten the wrinkles.
– Hang the clothes where it’s sunny or windy, and the wrinkles would disappear just like a miracle

5. Wrinkle Releaser Spray

You hate ironing, but you are lazy to do those above tricks as well!
Good news! Just a few sprays can wipe everything. Best out the best ways to remove wrinkles without ironing
To be honest, I love proper ironing but I can deny that this type of product is so alluring. Sometimes, I give myself an extra nap on the bed and using Downy wrinkle releaser to get my outfit ready just a few minutes before heading for work. Moreover, they have come with regular size and travel size that so convenient to carry on a trip.
You can make the De-wrinkle Spray by yourself just by white vinegar as we talked about in NO.4

6. Buy a Steamer

Love to work in a professional manner but keep saying No to ironing.
If you are that determined, go ahead for a clothes steamer. This appliance is solely designed for eliminating wrinkle so yes, it is a professional. Instead of ironing on a cumbersome board, you can steam it while your clothes are hanging on. Its assembly is heating water to create high-temperature steam and release it directly onto the fabric with an intense pressure to accomplish the chore perfectly.


Trust me! If we are persistently in not-to-do something, we will find the solution and not only one but many different ways.
And these mentioned ways are just a small part, that you can use when your clothes, unfortunately, getting creases. But it is also possible to prevent them in the first place during your laundry time, and you can check it here.
All the best

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