Steam Generator iron- What to know

Steam Generator iron

Steam Generator Iron is the new queen of Ironing appliance that has been grown for recent years. Their purpose of its invention is to improve your ironing experience into a new level. You can save haft of the time and efficiently remove wrinkle just after a few moves.
Sound amazing, right? Let take a more in-depth look of what is a Steam Generator Iron.

1. What is Steam Generator Iron
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Steam Generator Iron is the device that has a similar working manner with the regular steam iron. They have a water department, get heat and then release steam in high temperature on the garment and pressing simultaneously by its soleplate to remove wrinkles.
Unlike a standard iron, the structure of Steam Generator iron is being divided into two part separately. First is the base unit where a water reservoir and a boiler are set on one base to produce high-level steam of steam pressure in record time. The water parameter is much higher than a regular steam iron, around 1.5 – 2 liter (a regular steam iron has about 300 ml of its water parameter). Secondly, the hand unit is similar to a conventional dry iron and connecting with the base by a rubber hose to penetrate the steam to the soleplate.

2. The Advantage of Steam Generator Iron

Come after Steam iron, the launching of Steam Generator Iron is giving a lot of great hallmarks.
  • Powerful heating element (boiler) help to produce the strong steam regularly and quickly.
  • Higher volume of the water tank that continually brings the steam without refilling for an extended period.
  • The iron part is lighter and easy to handle because it doesn’t attack a built-in water tank. So you can iron longer without making your hand tiring and discomfort.
  • The steam boost functions help to create and apply a dominant force on the fabric. It works efficiently even the most stubborn wrinkles.
  • High wattage and great capacity can produce more steam at the high-level of pressure. Thus making the ironing process faster and easier. The outstanding benefit is time-saving up to a third compared to the regular iron and with less labor.
  • Vertical Steam Option that is very convenient for you to iron a curtain, coats or suit when they are still on the hanger. Most of the steam generator irons have this option.

3. The Disadvantage of Steam Generator Iron

+ Big and bulky design make it difficult to carry and store.
+ Requiring longer time to heat-up than a regular iron. It could take up to 3 minutes to start releasing steam because of its abundant water tank.
+ The price is commonly higher than a conventional steam iron. Usually, it starts at $50.
+ The Ironing Board needs to be bigger than regular, you can buy the one that designed specifically for steam generator iron.
+ The hose connecting between the base unit and the hand unit can be annoying when you slide throughout the items.
+ It produces a louder noise of water being heated and circulated than a traditional iron.

4. Type of Steam Generator Iron

+ Non-pressurised steam generator irons
The way it works is similar to a conventional standard steam iron. However, it can produce a much higher amount of steam which is double to the regular one. Usually, it can deliver 80-108 grams per minute of steam output.

+ Pressurised steam generator iron
It gives you 100–120 grams per minute of steam output. Other than the ability to release an enormous amount of steam, the Pressurised steam generator is able to release steam under pressure up to 5 bar. So it can create the constant flow of high-pressure steam which is more powerful and penetrates deeper into the fabric. As a result, it’s able to beat the most stubborn wrinkle at once on tough material.

Because of that, Pressurised steam generator iron is more expensive than its counterpart, but it can make a significant change into your daily chore by cutting considerable time-spent ironing and effort during the work. Usually, the steam generator iron having a bar rating is the pressurized one and vice versa.

5. How is Steam Generator Iron suited for you?

Because of the price and the bulky design, Steam Generator Iron is not ideal for everyone. Considering your personal preference, your budget, and your ironing habit to see if it is really the one for you.
It would be perfect if:
+ You usually have to iron a big load of the garment.
+ Your ironing load often includes heavy items such as drapes or bed sheet
+ Ironing inherently cost too much time, and you wish to down it into a haft and as a result of this save your labor.
+ You are willing to invest at the high cost to have excellent quality and comfortable ironing experience.
+ Your place are big enough to store.


If the Steam Generator Iron is new to you, we hope this article can give you an explicit picture of what is this and how it could be a good choice for your upcoming purchase. Ultimately, a good iron will be your household partner in the long term so don’t rush while you have various options on the market. Read more how to choose a good steam generator iron to help you meet your right pal.

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