What do you know about limescale

what is limescale

I’m sure that you at least once meet the Limescale in your life. Or perhaps very often deal with it if you live in a hard water area and simply because they are just growing around your kitchen.
Usually, we might assume they are just stains, specks of dirt or gunks that is hard to clean. But they are actually dangerous and be one of the major reason make many homes and kitchen appliance ending their life.

1. So what is the Limescale exactly,

Limescale is the hard, chalky off-white substance that often cultivates in several houses and kitchen appliances. Where they regularly produce or contain hot water – like irons, as well as kettles and washing machines.

2. Is Limescale harmful?

To the machine and equipment that have contact directly with water: Yes!
Even without mentioned that they are unaesthetic and clumsy. When these white traces grow into a thick layer, it becomes an obstacle that prevents those machines and equipment from working smoothly and efficiently or worst, causing heavy damaged and end up to be completely disabled. Therefore, costing you money to purchase the new product to replace.

To human health:
In general, they actually good for your health if you drink hard water that contains Limescale (which of course haven’t solidify and residue on the pipes) because they are minerals. They give you the amount of calcium and magnesium that you actually need for daily diet; just like you drink minerals water in the bottle. However, it should be an adequate amount. On the other hand, if you are regularly using hard water, your skin can be dried; and your hair can become straw-like, dry, and brittle. Also, your scalp can be dry and flaky. So consider routinely applying the moisturizing cream skincare and a hair care product if you live in the hard water area.

3. What causes Limescale?

This matter is a deposit of calcium carbonate and a residue left behind by hard water. In case you don’t know hard water is. It is water that has a higher density of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium.
Due to the rasing of room temperature or being heat up, the water will evaporate and leave behind calcium carbonate deposits. They would start to cultivate on any surfaces that hard water is in contact with and can expand quickly. This Limescale is highly sticky and clumsy but also very difficult to remove.

4. What type of appliance often get Limescale?

Most of the device from the kitchen, bathroom; or laundry area that regularly works with hot water or in a high-temperature condition. We can name some essential equipment such as kettle, washing machine, coffee machine, and steam iron or steam generator iron.
Other areas like tiles, pipes, sink, tap, etc. are also the favorite place of Limescale

5. How to prevent Limescale them in the first place?

Limescale can be avoided by applying in your main water supply a water purification system; water softener or electronic water descaler.
For some appliances like clothes steam iron, you better choose the product that has a built-in anti-limescale system. Or buying anti-scale product separately.

6. How to remove it

+ Lemon or Vinegar
+ Limescale Pray – Viakal link
You can clean the area or the appliance that often grow Limescale regularly ; when the matter is just a thin layer and easy to remove. But when it becomes thick, stable and more stubborn, you need to use an acidic liquid that has in lemon or vinegar to beat them. Coated a piece of cloth by lemon or vinegar and polishing limescale areas or appliance.
For an instant result, you can use Limescale Pray bottle that works specifically to removing Limescale, and indeed, they entirely do the job.

7. How to prevent and remove Limescale on the steam iron?

Limescale can be very dangerous to a steam iron performance as they can reduce or block the steam output and decrease its capacity in generating heat.
Aware of that risk, many manufacturers and supplier have designed the steam iron with built-in calcium cartridge or anti-limescale feature, and that is the one that you should look for if you want a durable and long-lasting product.
If you buy a budget-priced iron without this feature, you’ll need to apply anti-scale products or using distilled water instead of tap water to produce steam.
To remove, you can apply vinegar or Limescale pray similar to had a satisfactory result, but just take this as the last option.

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