What do you think while doing ironing?

doing ironing

Whether you love it or hate it. Ironing is inherently tedious, repetitive, and for lots of us, it’s a dreadful chore. We can spend hours standing at the same place with our hand holding a heavy metal device and start to move back and front.

We don’t have to make any complex mind tragedy to accomplish the task; other than using your eyes and a small amount of the brain’s cognition to spot where wrinkles take place on the clothes.
So what was your mind doing at the time?
Would your mind satisfied with the ironing chore and absolutely focus on it?
I doubt that!

Let start with me first!

So for me, this is the abundant amount of time for my brain to travel somewhere beyond the ironing room while my hands seem busy. And it was often a better place. So bye-bye!!! Let me start a journey of Daydreaming!

I might be going to Venice this time seeing my boyfriend (we have a long-distance relationship, sad!); and then definitely eating some icecreams there. Uhm! Where else? I am wearing the most beautiful, splendid groom on earth and come to meet my primary school best friend that in fact, I haven’t seen her for a decade but my purpose is to have a little revenge since she used to have the more beautiful dress than mine.

You are not only doing ironing, you are somewhere else, aren't you?
You are not only doing ironing, you are somewhere else, aren’t you?

Honestly, this is different from having idle time – doing nothing – lying in bed – start mind-wandering and soon find me in the deep hollow of absurdity, maybe self-doubt and anxiety thought come to visit by this time. With my body contribute its labor to an activity (here is ironing), my mind is free to head in a positive direction or progress that giving me a solution or a good idea.
Sounds weird and I can’t explain scientifically, it’s similar when I was running or taking a shower.

How about you?

It can be very different for each soul.
There are always some problems for us to think about currently, and ironing time can be the time they are mostly solid. We go through all the aspect of life and see where we did wrong, and where need to change.
There is a part for us to evoke, to regret, to feel either happy or sad.
There is also a future to dream, to plan, and to worry.

Some of you might consider ironing as a new form of meditation. Trying not to think anything, eliminate all the clutter thought. You use ironing to find peace, solitude, and a fulfilling lack of any outside or inner stressors.

In contrary, for those who hate ironing, I bet there is no stronger idea other than how to quickly finish the task and get out of its boredom. Take it easy! Turn on the TV or your favorite song to ease your temper.
Or perhaps, mentally going out somewhere nice.

Ok, just a funny chit-chatting, let me know what were you thinking while ironing?

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